Thursday, September 4, 2014

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Last week of summer '14

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday! I know this is a little early from my usual Sunday blog posts, but I have a good reason: I will be away tomorrow for almost the whole day, so since I have a free time today, I thought of doing it right away.
And wow?! No pictures? You have probably said that--or not, but I would just like to point that out just in case! Haha! I was so busy this week that I didn't have enough pictures to show you, except for my selfies which you wouldn't like to see (trust me) so I'm just keeping this blog post plain. Hope you're still reading though. If so, hello again! As I was saying, I got so busy this week. Although I don't even remember what I was doing for the whole week! I just know that I'm always going out in the afternoon and then I come back home very late in the evening. Every. Day. For the past week! I'm either in the mall, or at my friend's house or somewhere around Toronto (or  GTA) I barely see my parents, for god's sake! Thinking about it now, all I do for the past week was going to different malls and spending ridiculous amount of money on food and clothes! (which are worth it--in my opinion) And that's how I spent the last week of my summer! Yes, I will be going back to school on Tuesday. Same terrifying reality all over again for 5 freaking months! Thinking about it stresses me out. Thinking about my would-be math homeworks, chemistry tests, and english essays freak me out already! Even how much I try to motivate myself, it just doesn't work now. All I'm actually looking forward is for my spare time. I hope it's either the first period, or the last period. Both works for me. And side note: I honestly want to scream right now.
Anyway! Speaking of school! Yesterday, I did some back-to-school shopping! It's the best and the worst part of being a student, to be honest. I almost feel like I'm back in elementary when I was buying for papers and pens. The excitement was real, man! I may sound like a kid right now, but nothing beats the feeling of buying for new and neat lined paper, notebooks and pens! Nothing! I spent 100-freaking-dollars for school supplies yesterday, and I think that no one should spent that ridiculous amount of money for school supplies! But I just did! It is so weird! It's either the store is overpricing, or I'm just this weird girl who has a fetish for notebooks and whatnot. Either way, I need to reevaluate my life.
I also want to tell you guys, that because school's starting next week, my blog posts might not be as often as it is now, but I will try to post at least once per week apart from my Sunday blog posts. I won't promise, but I will do my best to update the blog.
And if you are also going to school this coming fall or you are in school already--Good luck! We all need that, don't we? Let's make this school year more memorable, and productive as we can! Make new friends! I know I need to do that because most of my friends left me for college and uni already. (If my friends are reading this... Hello and I already miss you guys! #sepanx) 
I really wish the best of luck to all of us! Sigh. I really am not ready for school, but hey, no one's ready, right?
Side note: I still want to scream.