Monday, September 29, 2014

concerts and whatnot

Happy Monday y'all! I know this is  (again) late for Sunday Personal, but what can you do? I swear to god, I have no life anymore. I didn't have any weekend off but it's cool. It's all for the better, I guess? Anyway, what I'm saying right now makes no sense, soooo yeah. I have school on weekdays and then work on weekends. I have no life, I told you. That's why I hope you can stick with me even with delays and such. I'll try to keep up with you, swear! 

Anywaaaaay, I don't really know where to start. There might not be pictures in here because my phone's an idiot and I lost all of my files. Screw iOS 8! I am also in the middle of doing shit, so if I ever not make sense, you know who or what to blame. Me. Who else did you think?? I honestly have no idea what to talk about......Oh! I know! Last week, thursday, my friends and I went out. We bought Maroon 5 concert tickets!!!! MAROON 5 CONCERT TICKETS!! It was the highlight of my week! I I can finally see them play live!! A couple-or-so years back, they had a concert in Manila and I was one of the unfortunate ones that didn't go because I was still "young" and Manila is 2-3 hours away from my house. I kid you not how heartbroken I was. I even played Maroon 5 songs for almost 3 months straight. No shit. I swore to myself that I have to see them live at least once in my life, and here I am...buying their concert tickets. I legit almost freaked out when I got it, but I have to keep my cool so no screaming happened. 
Speaking of concerts, I am going to a Bastille concert this October. I'm going to my first freaking concert!! First of many!! I'm so excited you have no idea! My goal for this year and next year is to go to as many concerts as I can. I want to see my favourite bands and artists play live at least once. I also want to go to a music festival next year, it doesn't have to be Coachella right away. I think that's too much. I mean, I'm not only paying for the festival fee, but also my travel fee and such. I live in Toronto, guys. So I hope I can at least go to Osheaga festival next year! I heard it's fun and besides, if I can have my driving license next year, roadtrip is a must. 
Aaaaand I don't know what to say anymore... Oh, I just finished reading The Catcher in the Rye. I honestly don't know what to feel towards it. I have no words, if you want to know the truth. (references aye) I am also sick for the entire week. I've been coughing like a madman and I swear I could die! I don't think I can tell you any interesting stuff right now, so I might as well end this post. I need to go back studying anyway. So yup, good night! xx 

Too much nonsense in one post. I'm very sorry. 

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